Aerovelta Dynamics is one of the largest rising HVAC Air Filter Manufacturing & HVAC Design consulting firm in Pakistan.

Our HVAC design services & HVAC Air Filters are mainly applied or used in Commercial Buildings, Pharmaceuticals, Hospitals & Healthcare facilities, Food & Beverages, Refineries, Cotton Industries, Nuclear Power generation & in environmental protection engineering. Aerovelta Dynamics provides the tools to achieve sustainability, maintain high air quality, and reduce airborne infections; all while lowering the total cost of ownership.

These solutions are used globally to benefit human health, increase the performance of HVAC systems and reduce energy consumption in a wide range of Air Filtration applications. We provide full service and support to our customers around the world.

Our Passion

Aerovelta’s passion is to provide customers with sustainable best-in-class HVAC system designs & High efficient HVAC Air Filtration products and services within four main segments: Comfort Air, Clean Processes, Power Systems, Safety & Protection.

Our Mission

Aerovelta Dynamics mission is to protect your working environment by eliminating air born particles, controlling indoor air quality, and ensuring a clean and safe environment that reduces threats of poor air which negatively impacts our health, well-being, and comfort.